Stunning Mexican Food Recipes

One of the most recognizable styles of cuisine is Mexican. Several signature ingredients like cilantro, jalapenos, onions and ancho chilies really define a taste which is defined and universally loved. Many people of non-Mexican descent enjoy the regions cuisine, and it is often stereotyped by mainstay, hole in the wall type restaurant dishes like tacos, enchiladas and burritos. True Mexican cuisine however, is much more diverse than those few typical offerings. In particular, soup recipes are numerous and widely enjoyed in a variety of different ways across the country. With good reason too! Mexico’s soups, though composed differently and with diverse ingredients manage to always retain distinct flavors which are instantly recognizable. Try any one of these delicious soup recipes the next time you are craving either soup or Mexican food- your hunger will definitely be satiated by any one of these easy recipes.

Aztec Chicken & Corn Soup

This hearty stew-like soup is the perfect finish to a long day- especially if it was a cold one! Chock full of nutritious vegetables like corn, onion and zucchini, and also brimming with shredded chicken, each comforting mouthful will leave your taste buds extremely happy!

Tip: Serve this soup with warmed tortillas. The chicken and vegetables soaked in broth make a delicious rolled taco!

Ancho Chili Beef & Vegetable Soup

Steak lovers will appreciate this robust and gourmet soup recipe, which contains delicious, tender cubes of boneless beef chuck. A tomato paste and beef bouillon flavored broth is a savory accompaniment to the filling bites of beef and vegetables in this easy recipe. The final flavor gets a kick from ancho chili peppers for a taste you won’t soon forget!

Tip: To brighten the flavor and add a zesty tang, try a squeeze of fresh lime with this recipe.

Black Bean Chorizo Soup

Delightfully spicy chorizo is used to enhance an already tantalizing bean soup recipe. The base of this soup depends on the caramelization of fragrant green peppers, onions and garlic. Chorizo, oregano, cumin and red pepper flakes are all additions which intensify the complexity of this delicious soup recipe. The seasonings are so perfectly harmonized and work so well with the beans- you could even omit the sausage and be left with a tasty vegetarian soup recipe!

Tip: In Mexican cuisine, whole radishes are often soaked in cold water and then slightly salted and served as a spicy and crunchy side dish!

Chicken and Roasted Vegetable Tortilla Soup

A true classic, tortilla soup is well known and equally as loved throughout all of Mexico. The addition of fried tortilla strips to a mildly spiced vegetable and chicken broth is the Mexican equivalent of adding croutons to any soup recipe. It provides delectable crunch and helps create a textural balance. This easy recipe is flavored beautifully with chilies, tomatoes, garlic and lime. Garnish with chopped cilantro for a boost of flavor and authenticity!

Tip: This soup can be enhanced with the addition of diced avocado. The cool, creamy taste and texture does a great job balancing this dish! On the whole, soup recipes are usually as easy as they come; the listed recipes not being an exception. Treat yourself and your loved ones to any of these delicious soup recipes and you’ll feel as though you are vacationing in Cabo!