If you are a food lover and Antojitos, Tacos, Caldo de queso, bistec, Carbito, Chorizo, Birria comes at the top your list of favorites, Salem has a lot to offer you. Mexican Food Salem Oregon is one of the main attractions here. The must visit and the best Mexican restaurant of Salem is the one and only Tony’s Taco Shop.

For Mexican food lovers, Tony’s Taco Shop has always been at the top of the most-liked restaurants. This is an ideal restaurant where you can enjoy the taste of real Mexican sope, rolled tacos, carne asada, and many more Mexican cuisines.

Tony’s Taco Shop
1412 Capitol St NE, Salem, OR 97301
(503) 371-7678

Location and business hour:

Tony’s is located at 1412 Capitol St NE, Salem, Oregon. It is business hour starts from 8:00 AM and remain open until midnight. So, there is no rush to down the shutter for the day and you can choose your convenient time to plan a beautiful and yummy eat out.

Unique Recipes:

This amazing eatery prepares mouth-watering Mexican recipes just the way you would want. Best food recipes and heart touching service make it stand out of the crowd. This is a guarantee that no other place in Salem can offer you such all-rounding and divers come across like Tony’s. You will surely go crazy with the finger licking Fajita De Polo, Fried chicken and beef tacos, Chicken Birria and many more dishes.

Why so popular:

People love Tony’s because of its perfection, extreme good cookery, great style of portioning and of course a pocket-friendly price. It is open seven days a week and you can make you any day sizzling and full of taste with Tony’s- An ideal Mexican restaurant for a Birthday treat, dine out or a romantic date. What are you waiting for? Rush to Tony’s today and grab the heavenly taste of authentic Mexican cuisines. Award your tummy with the great flavors from Mexico. Enjoy eating!

Any moment you are looking for high quality and very delicious Mexican food, Muchas Gracious Mexican food is the place to allow you to accomplish your goals. This restaurant was founded by a specialist in food and nutrition and so far it has been offering quality food to their customers. This is a must visit place where you can access a wide range of Mexican food that is worth your funds. Book an appointment with it and find time to take your friends and family members to this place and allow them to enjoy delicious meals that will increase their appetite.

What customers love about Muchas Gracias Mexican Food restaurants
There exist several reasons that make clients love this restaurant that provides Mexican food. Among the positive factors that lead to this include the following.

Muchas Gracias Mexican Food
5207 E Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98661
(360) 694-9048

1. They provide the best quality Mexican food available
Every food you eat here is definitely worth your money. The salsa that is prepared here is one of its kind. Its delicious taste can easily drive you crazy. Not to mention, the breakfast burritos are always prepared hot and fresh. They are classic and elegant. They are ever tasty and filling. As if that is not enough, the carne asada is often full of flavor, big and very delicious. In general, this restaurant offers authentic and original Mexican food.

2. Friendly waiters
The members of staff of this restaurant are sociable, engaging and courteous to their different customers. This is attributed to their many years of expertise in the hotel, catering, and management. Their approach is ever world class with attractive facial expression. They are always available when you need them.

3. Efficient service delivery to clients
Workers of this restaurant often prioritize the needs of their customers. The employees are highly trained and they serve clients very fast. Their service is efficient and excellent. The menu of their food is ever available and their price is cost-effective.

I highly recommend you to pay a visit to the above-mentioned restaurant and you will get Mexican Food Vancouver Washington here. Above all, you will enjoy every minute that you will be there.